100 MUST WATCH Movies About Psychology

Written by Alice Palioura – Truth be told, not all movies are realistic when depicting mental health issues. That is because the actors probably don’t suffer from a mental health disorder or just don’t know much about psychology. Nonetheless, anyone who wants to get more educated and indulged in psychology should start by watching some […]

The Hidden Figures of Mental Health

Written by Alice Palioura – It is undeniable that male psychologists have had major contributions in the mental health system, but, unfortunately, the importance of the work that women psychologists offered to shape it from its early years is usually overlooked rather than recognized. Many of them faced discrimination, couldn’t even vote or have their […]

CS7: Inside Out

Written by Melisa Shafiee – When we think back to our favorite childhood movies, we remember extravagant stories with comedy and adventure. However, there is one movie that sticks out from the rest as it not only shares an exciting story, but it also emphasizes an important message on mental health. It may also have […]

CS6: American Psycho

Written by Simran Johal – Patrick Bateman Handsome perfectionist who enjoyed the aristocratic social life and social scene.  He had to control every aspect of his life: His cuticles  His business cards  His somewhat ritualistic sex routine  His behaviour in the film, In my opinion, indicated an extreme case of OCD as he indicated “ritualized, […]

The Journey towards Self-Love

“In a society that profits from self hate loving yourself is a rebellious act-This is the one quote that I saw on pinterest and ever since my view of life has changed” is what many expect self love or gaining self esteem is like.Let me assure life isn’t a perfect phenomen where each journey can […]

Why the World Needs More Mental Health Professionals Now Than Ever

Mental Health & Poverty More than 75% of people who have suffered from a mental illness in the world either receive no treatment or care. A major disadvantage for adolescents and their families is their mental health. Mental health problems in low-income families place them at risk of neglect or abused within their community. The […]

Mental Health & Popular Media

By Jada and Sania Mental illness is a very stigmatized subject, needless to say. It is often found tough to talk about because of many different factors, including the fear of the unknown. Through the use of various stereotypes and over-dramatization, popular media (hereby referred to as movies & TV shows) enforces the public’s negative […]

The Stress of School

Doing well in school is important, but it should never take precedent over mental health. Too often, kids feel a strong need to do well. Some of us sit in front of screens all day, our eyes flitting from one assignment to the next and straining from the long hours. Others have to figure out how to navigate a completely new in person environment. No matter what we do, there is difficulty and difficulty creates stress. It influences our thoughts, our actions, our ability to be happy and to relax.

Capitalizing on Insecurities

There’s nothing coincidental in an advertisement. It is never “just a picture.” A group of promoting specialists, including psychologists, put a parcel of time, thought, and cash into commercial advertisements. Most regularly, products are pitched to us to accept that our insecurities can be overcome by buying a certain item: We are going to end […]

Essena O-Neill & the Reflection of Social Media

What is social media to you? Is it a place to catch up with friends and family? Or maybe a place to keep up with the latest trends and news? Social Media is used in a lot of different ways by a lot of different people. It means more to some than it does to […]

The Anxiety of Taking the Vaccine

As the news of a vaccine that combats COVID-19 spread, many people’s anxiety increased as well. Your feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel anxious and panic during this time. The Vaccine In early december of 2020, the centers of disease control and prevention (cdc) announced that healthcare workers will be the firsts to […]

YouTubers We’ve Lost to Suicide

YouTube is a platform that is popular around the world with millions of people uploading their content on it. Unfortunately, some influencers had to pay the price of internet fame by their mental health shattering. These are four YouTubers who we’ve lost to suicide and the signs we had missed.

COVID-19 & its Affect on Mental Health

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a type of virus called a ‘coronavirus’. The novel (new) coronavirus was first discovered in China in November of 2019. In January of 2020, health and human services declared a public health emergency for the United States. Fear and anxiety about an unknown disease can be overwhelming and […]

New Year Resolutions.

2020 was an…interesting year, we’ll say that! It was full of self discovery, evaluation, fright, and possibly heightened anxiety. However, it was an important year. It gave many people a new look on life itself and made people realize how important being a community is and how selfishness would get a nation nowhere. With all […]


Theme: BD1, delusional disorder, pseudobulbar affect Spoiler alert. Trigger warning: bipolar disorder, mania, substance abuse, and trauma.  Ever since DC released the first Batman-related comic back in the 1940s, the Joker became a much-despised character that lacked proper development. However, as the years progressed, we, as an audience, got to see more of his backstory […]

CS3: Have Some Tea with Me, Mad Hatter?

By Jada Atchu Yudom Spoiler Alert and Trigger Warning Themes: paranoid schizophrenia and borderline personality  We all know Alice in Wonderland. My favorite character was the Mad Hatter. His name is Tarrant Hightopp(I was surprised too). He is a hat maker that has been poisoned by mercury which is why his hair is orange. He […]

CS2: The Dark Side of Light Yagami

SPOILER ALERT AND SLIGHT TRIGGER WARNING When it comes to the media’s representations of mental illness, they’re either obviously false and laughable, extremely accurate, or convincing enough to seem unerring. Death Note, a Japanese manga-turned-anime that follows a 17 year old genius, Light Yagami, through his journey of turning into a cold-blooded vigilante serial killer […]

CS1: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Case Study 1: The Thin Line Between Alter Ego and Split Personality: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Spoiler alert. Trigger Warning. We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up by credible research, which we provide at the end of every article. This post is not meant to […]

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