Aayat Aziz.

My name is Aayat Aziz and I am an 18 year old from Kashmir. I am the Managing Director of Paper Planes Kashmir, a modest initiative by teenagers to create awareness about mental health. I am currently an IBDP student at The International School Bangalore(TISB). Till my grade 10, I studied at SRM Welkin School Sopore, Kashmir. Living in two different cities has made me resilient and  shaped my perspectives.

Bryll Bautista.

Hi! My name is Bryll Bautista, and  I am a fashion model and currently an incoming sophomore at Pace University in New York City studying accounting. I am passionate about women empowerment, environmentalism, and inclusivity. In my spare time I love to workout, bake, spend time with friends and family, and am obsessed with matcha and chai lattes. 

Mathushaa Sagthidas.

I’m Mathushaa Sagthidas, a photographer, creative director and stylist based in London. I developed these skills further when studying fashion promotion at Ravensbourne University London and fine art photography at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL. My work often examines my identity – Tamil Eelam ethnicity and British nationality, which is a pivotal part of my work. This complex cultural identity is often reflected through traditions, history and strongly by fashion photography.


My name is F LION and I am a singer/ songwriter from the Netherlands. I write and sing songs about pain, depression and also hope. For some years I wanted to work as an artist and in 2019 I decided to take the leap.

Fatimata Cham.

Hello! My name is Fatimata Cham. I’m currently a sophomore at Lafayette College, double majoring in women and gender studies and government and law. I’m an activist, poet and organizer, and a lot of the work I do revolves around environmental injustice, gender equity and educational equality. So I partner with organizations such as Girl Up that does work to advocate for girls around the globe for quality education. I also work with not my generation as a regional coordinator for the Northeast region to help build coalitions to fight against gun violence. And I also use my approach to spread awareness about different issues going on around the globe.

Juliana Dawdy.

Hi! My name is Juliana Dawdy, and I’m the founder of Brains in Beauty. I’m a graduating senior and will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall to major in chemistry and business. I’m an outside hitter on my school’s volleyball team, a recent STEM enthusiast, and a Tollhouse Cookie fanatic!

Sneha Pasupula.

Hi! My name is Sneha Pasupula, and I’m a first-year at UNC-Chapel Hill studying political science and journalism. I am the Oversight and Advocacy Chair for the UNC’s Undergraduate Senate, an Internal Policy Coordinator for UNC’s Institute of Politics, and a dancer for Kamikazi Dance Team. I advocate for racial and economic equity and plan on working in Washington, DC as a policy analyst. Furthermore, I am a TikToker (@heyitssneha) who loves to use her platform to express whatever is on her mind, from light-hearted comedy to personal struggles. Despite all this, I’ve struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder since middle school. 

Ramaya Thomas.

Ramaya S. Thomas is currently an IB scholar attending Atlanta International School. She is the Co-founder of We Spark Change an organization promoting youth activism. She is involved in working with activism on police brutality, racial injustices, and systematic issues. She is a paid journalist who writes about political issues and world news, while also still being an aspiring lawyer. She is passionate about political issues that concern the Black/African American community and lives by the motto “my voice as my power”.

Allene Yue.

Hi! My name is Allene, and I am a 16-year-old social entrepreneur and high-school junior from the Bay Area, California. I’ve founded two organizations, including Empowering Youth in Business, where I am the Co-CEO, and Self-care Support, where I am the executive director! I try to dedicate as much of my time as possible to giving back to my community, whether it’s through entrepreneurship, education, community service, or advocacy. I also serve on the leadership board of several nonprofits including Interns 4-Good and Notelove Inc., but when I’m not volunteering, I love to practice piano and play tennis on my school’s varsity team.

Krisha Khandelwal.

Hi! I’m Krisha Khandelwal, and I’m currently a freshman in high school. I am an International
Chess Player, and an Indian Classical Singer. I’m the founder and executive director of Let’s
Defeat Bullying, an international non-profit that aims to educate and spread awareness
against bullying and encourages children to seek help. In my free time, I love volunteering
with children, reading fiction, writing book reviews for my blog, and articles for other

100 MUST WATCH Movies About Psychology

Written by Alice Palioura – Truth be told, not all movies are realistic when depicting mental health issues. That is because the actors probably don’t suffer from a mental health disorder or just don’t know much about psychology. Nonetheless, anyone who wants to get more educated and indulged in psychology should start by watching some […]

Types of Psychology

Written by Melisa Shafiee – Psychology. To a general audience, words like “therapy,” “mental disorders,” or “the brain” may come to mind. While these three words certainly connect to psychology in some way, it is essential to know that psychology is a more extensive field than it seems. Believe it or not, some types of […]

Human Growth and Development

Written by Simran Johal – Prenatal development is the process in which we see a baby undergo a process of growth and development within the womb fertilization until birth. There are three main stages in prenatal development: Germinal Stage, Embryonic Stage and the Fetal Stage. Let’s look into the Germinal Stage.      The way a […]

All About Forensic Psychology

Written by Alicia Mathew – When most people think about Psychology, they often forget forensic Psychology, no matter how complex and interesting it is under the surface. Forensic Psychology is a field of Psychology that combines law with psychological analyses.  Lately, forensic Psychology has become extremely popular, mainly because of certain television series that highlight […]

The Hidden Figures of Mental Health

Written by Alice Palioura – It is undeniable that male psychologists have had major contributions in the mental health system, but, unfortunately, the importance of the work that women psychologists offered to shape it from its early years is usually overlooked rather than recognized. Many of them faced discrimination, couldn’t even vote or have their […]

CS7: Inside Out

Written by Melisa Shafiee – When we think back to our favorite childhood movies, we remember extravagant stories with comedy and adventure. However, there is one movie that sticks out from the rest as it not only shares an exciting story, but it also emphasizes an important message on mental health. It may also have […]

CS6: American Psycho

Written by Simran Johal – Patrick Bateman Handsome perfectionist who enjoyed the aristocratic social life and social scene.  He had to control every aspect of his life: His cuticles  His business cards  His somewhat ritualistic sex routine  His behaviour in the film, In my opinion, indicated an extreme case of OCD as he indicated “ritualized, […]

High School Courses for Psychology

Written by Alicia Mathew – Picking high school courses is a daunting task, especially for the rising freshmen and sophomores. Those who choose psychology as their field of study have a sea of different classes and electives offered by their school in regards to their major, however, only some of these classes are truly useful […]


Hello everyone & pleasure to meet you. My name is Ryan Luyk. I was born in Oakville, grew up in Burlington and now reside in Hamilton, Ontario. I will be turning 43 this May and have never been happier or more content in my entire life.  I have major depressive, generalized anxiety & substance use disorder

The Journey towards Self-Love

“In a society that profits from self hate loving yourself is a rebellious act-This is the one quote that I saw on pinterest and ever since my view of life has changed” is what many expect self love or gaining self esteem is like.Let me assure life isn’t a perfect phenomen where each journey can […]

Caroline Wolff.

Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m a sophomore in college, studying Communications, Creative Writing, and Linguistics. As a Communications major, I do a lot of work in publishing, and I also experiment with podcasting, filmmaking, social media management, and web design. I’m from Texas. My biggest passion is creative writing; I write poetry and fiction on a daily basis and hope to be an author in the future (I’m currently working on my first novel). I also love to read, sing, dance, draw, and spend lots of time with my cat, Hayes, who is one of my best friends in the whole world! I’m also a huge Arianator and a big fan of the TV show, Glee. I love what you guys do at Revive and I’m so excited for this opportunity!!


Hey, I’m Bri! I’m 16 years old and I’m from NYC. I’m a musician who’s extremely passionate about production. In my spare time, I play the piano, make beats, and compose. 

The History of Yoga

In recent years, yoga has gained popularity, became a trend, and has helped many worldwide. While most of the original poses have been altered to fit modern society, yoga has still shown to be effective, especially when helping people with their mental health. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and it’s […]

The Stages of a Romantic Relationship

A romantic relationship consists of all genders and all devotions of love. The closest relationship you ever develop with another human being will be a romantic one, perhaps resulting in long-term dating or even marriage. While many of us assume that obtaining a long-term relationship is just by dating and then falling in love, there […]

The Truth Behind Racism

What is racism? By the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “racism” is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, in other words, its prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race. But why has it been such a struggle for us over the past decades? Why […]

The Psychology Behind Romance

Love is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans. It’s bigger than us, meaning, though we can invite it into our lives, we do not have the control over the how, when and where love starts to express itself. Although people say, “your love is usually in the most unexpected person” poetically, […]

Black Mental Health

*trigger warning: suicide, bigotry, & race-based violence* Overview While Black and African-American mental health conditions aren’t seen in a significantly larger frequency than their White counterparts, studies have shown that the racism, oppression, and overall dehumanization faced by many Black Americans pay a large role when it comes to their psychological well-being. Furthermore, there is […]

Mental Health Stigma in Asian Communities

When it comes to mental health issues, Asian Americans are often silent. Asian Americans may feel like there’s an inescapable storm cloud of shame that lurks over the concept of mental illness, which implies weakness or worst. With this being said, Asian Americans may not necessarily openly discuss their emotions in the medical office setting. […]


My name is Meg and I’m a mental health blogger, writer and podcaster. My blog ‘Living My Best Life: Meg Undressed’ is a personal blog about my own experiences with mental health, alcoholism, sobriety and causes I care deeply about. My blog is read in over 38 countries, and my podcast ‘Taking It All Off’ is currently in production and is launching at the end of February. The podcast interviews a different guest each week, with a focus on a stripped back, honest discussion around their experience with mental health. Series 1 interviews a Psychiatrist, an Actor, an Activist and an Artist. My past is very much steeped in the creative world, having worked as an actor and playwright during my 20s. Throughout my life I have had mental health battles, through depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse. I have diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety and ADHD. My aim is to break the stigma around mental health, talking openly about the trials and tribulations of our minds. I also believe in forward thinking action. Talking is a fantastic starting point, and I truly believe we build from there to create change for the better. I’m an Aries with Leo rising. I enjoy bird watching, meditation, long baths, reading, and yoga.

Britney Bui.

Hi, my name is Britney Bui and I am a first-year undergrad student at Penn State from Alexandria, Virginia. With my experience in graphic designing, I am currently working with several organizations to create authentic and informative content that advocates and brings awareness to challenges faced by our society. I am most likely known for my graphic design work at SHEDIDTHAT! and Zenerations, and am currently working with my colleagues to bring rise to an up and coming organization that pushes for ocean conservation efforts, Ocean Location.

Anh Nguyen.

Hello! My name is Anh Nguyen, and I am a 16 year old, second generation Vietnamese-American based in Houston, Texas. I am a people person; that is, I find joy in connecting with people, telling their stories, and advocating for them. Outside of my leadership roles and activism & storytelling, you can find me having second lead syndrome over a multitude of kdramas, being active on k-pop stan twitter, curating Instagram feeds for a friend’s band, or even curling up with a good book. 

Anna Everts.

Hi! I’m Anna. I’m 24 and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m non-binary (they/them), autistic, an ADHDer and I have a long history of mental illness. I’m a freelance copywriter and comic writer. 


Hi there! My name is Mae and I’m the founder of Let’s Break the Shame, a mental health charity that tries to break the stigma around mental health struggles by means of stories, events, coaching sessions, workshops, videos, and more. I’ve set it up almost 2 years ago after being silent about my struggles with depression, anxiety, and eating for about 6 years. LBTS has grown over the past few years and I’m so happy to help a lot of other people, together with our team.

Karina Kejriwal.

Hi, I am Karina Kejriwal, a sophomore located in Seattle, Washington. I like to think of myself as an outgoing, friendly, and loving personality. A large portion of my life is devoted towards karate – I got the privilege of receiving my black belt a couple years ago! Additionally, I take large importance in standing up for what I believe in, pursuing studies, and spending time with loved ones! Lastly, a big part of my life is Cura Project, a non-profit organization I co-founded with my closest friends. We strive to bring awareness to different health issues via fundraising events, a tutoring program, podcast, and educating! Check us out, we have an opportunity for everyone – curaproject.org!


Hi, I’m Cassie and I’m from Manchester, England. I’m a big Harry Potter and Disney fan and like going to the theatre and going on holiday. I’m currently 3.5 years in remission from Breast Cancer and a fun fact about me is that Cancer Research UK shared one of my posts which was their biggest performing post of 2017 meaning it had the most, comments, shares, likes and engagement of anything else they shared that year, something that I’m super proud of.

Emily Houston.

My name is Emily Houston, I’m 16 years old, and I’m from Texas! I have a genetic condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which causes my skin to be extremely fragile, making wounds and scars very easily. Because of this, I’ve gone through a lot of mental journeys as well.


Hi! My name is Chamaya and I am a multi-hyphenate artist who is passionate about anti-oppressive wellness practices, equitable education, and all things creative. I’m also black, autistic, and a Christian. My favorite color is mint green, I love slow mornings, and I’ve never broken a bone.

Nick Kimble.

Nicholas Kimble motivates and rallies others to make a positive, peaceful, and purposeful change in our society. Nicholas was a victim of several violent attacks by his non-African American classmates, which resulted in several visits to his pediatrician. Despite being bullied in middle school, Nicholas entered high school with the courage to motivate his classmates to be positive and peaceful people. Nicholas Kimble encourages his classmates to become young civic scholars. As an executive member of Civic Wave and Edison Civic Change Collective, Nicholas educates students on American historical events such as voting rights, gender inequality, and racial discrimination.

Bullying Long Gone…Or Is It?

Written by Sarah Syed Bullying is one of the most common experiences youth from a very young age go through. Though bullying has a very simple definition, it branches out to fit the victims experience and perspective. Children and youth feel like the school grounds are battlefields where they must always have shields against the […]

Treatment of the LGBTQIA+ Community During the Pandemic

Article by Aahi Guha Thakurta For decades, the LGBTQ+ community has faced discrimination and social marginalisation. The COVID-19 pandemic has both divided and united the world in the past year. Unfortunately, during a time when unity is essential, the LGBTQ community is facing more discrimination than ever which may result in long term or even […]

Domestic Violence During the Pandemic

Article by Sophie Block Every day, around 137 women in the world are killed by a member of their family. Domestic violence is a horribly prevalent issue, and one that has only worsened since the pandemic. As families ‘isolate’ together, and stressful conditions continue, rates of domestic violence rise. Throughout the world, organizations have been […]

Galicia Gordon.

Hi, my name is Galicia Gordon and I am the Founder of Leading Learners, a global platform with a mission of supporting students through free and accessible resources. Through the Leading Learners platform, we have reached 100,000 individuals with completely free, updated, and accessible resources across the globe. I was inspired to start Leading Learners en route to achieve educational equity and actively cultivate a community of underprivileged minorities, diverse socioeconomic statuses, and students from isolated communities.

OCD “Germaphobia” vs COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major sanitary crisis worldwide, placing almost half the world in quarantine. The virus obviously is a threat to our physical well-being but it’s often forgotten that it’s a threat to our mental health as well. The fear of the unknown is real and even though it’s been a little […]

Depression & COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus came into play towards the end of 2019 and began to spread throughout the United States during the first 3 months of the 2020 year. When it truly became an outbreak, the government thought it was truly best to isolate the remaining population to protect them from what could possibly happen and […]

Mental Health & Popular Media

By Jada and Sania Mental illness is a very stigmatized subject, needless to say. It is often found tough to talk about because of many different factors, including the fear of the unknown. Through the use of various stereotypes and over-dramatization, popular media (hereby referred to as movies & TV shows) enforces the public’s negative […]

The Stress of School

Doing well in school is important, but it should never take precedent over mental health. Too often, kids feel a strong need to do well. Some of us sit in front of screens all day, our eyes flitting from one assignment to the next and straining from the long hours. Others have to figure out how to navigate a completely new in person environment. No matter what we do, there is difficulty and difficulty creates stress. It influences our thoughts, our actions, our ability to be happy and to relax.


Hi I’m Terry, founder of Don’t Man Up, I also host the Don’t Man Up podcast and run the social media pages, we are available to talk and help sufferers with mental health and we are on a mission to de-stigmatise and raise awareness around mental health. We regularly post to social media and have got massive plans to raise money for mental health sufferers. I’ll tell you from the start that I’m not a qualified counsellor or any kind of professional education in the matter, the thing I have got is personal experience and I know how low you can get, I nearly ended my life twice, and battled with depression and anxiety, costing me my marriage, nearly costing me to see my 2 little girls but most of it nearly cost me my life. So here I am using techniques and structures that help me control my mental health and I’m passing this on to and working with mental health sufferers to control it. 

Ektha Bhardwaj.

Hi! My name is Ektha and I’m the founder of Project Positivity. I am a sophomore in high school. I am extremely passionate about mental health and overall being the best version of yourself.  

Risha Chaurasia.

I am a teen author and blogger from Indore, India. I am 13, and currently have two titles to my name, TRUCE and Tales of Twinkling Tweens. I have a crazy love and passion for literature and the English language and am also a literary enthusiast. My hobbies include reading, writing, swimming and hanging out with my friends. 

Skyler Basco.

My name is Skyler Basco, a high school senior from Merrick, New York with an enthusiasm for merging design, entrepreneurship, and technology to build communities!

Hannah Davies.

My name is Hannah Davies, my pronouns are she/her and I am 20 years old. I currently study psychology at Northumbria University. I set up my sexual health/feminist blog about 18 months ago and since then I’ve released my own merch, filmed for BBC 3, and built up an audience which I am proud of. Within my university I am a wellbeing advocate and president of the Hospital Arts Society and our Sexpression branch. I also believe in the importance of body confidence and mental well-being.

Trisha Beher.

Hi! My name is Trisha Beher, and I’m a 17-year-old artivist, musician, and writer based in Washington. I utilize creative expression to uplift others and support communities. Through my nonprofit organization, the Art Shine Foundation, I’ve been able to bring youth artists together from around the world through art and leverage our talents to incite social change in the community.

Aesnur Karani.

Hi, my name is Aesnur Karani and I am 16 years old. I am a third culture kid meaning I am an Indian who lives in Kinshasa, DRC and a student doing the International Baccalaureate at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa in Kenya. I am an executive in an organization called For the Menstruator- FTM  that works in collaboration with Tunaweza Women with Disabilities produces and distributes sanitary packages that are reusable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and embarrassment free. These packages are 100% biodegradable, cost between $5 to $8 and last for up to 3 years, and the best part is that it does not even look like an ideal sanitary napkin due to the materials used. AASW also applies a unique sustainable and exponential approach to help not only equip themselves but also their communities. I am the regional ambassador for The One Smile Effect- an organization that spreads mental health awareness and education around the world, creates a space for teens to have a stigma-free place to discuss mental health, and provides free and accessible mental health resources. And lastly I am the outreach executive for an organization called Supporting Smiles which is also based on mental health. 

Alya Prasad.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at the University of Hong Kong. I enjoy different forms of art, especially drama and dance. 

Farzeen Rashid.

Hi, firstly I’m so honoured to be interviewed by Revive! My name is Farzeen Rashid, I’m currently 16 years old in the 11th grade, turning 17 soon, and I’m Pakistani however I was born and raised in the province of British Columbia located in Canada, I reside in the lower mainland! I’m also a hijabi who despite being the only hijab wearing girl in a class of 300 people, is proud and confident! Some of my passions include mathematics, chemistry, embroidery, crochet, painting, designing, and poetry. In the future, I plan on pursuing a career in civil engineering! I’m an avid writer, I’m currently an editor and poetry writer for Velvet Fields Magazine and ARMONíA Literature Magazine. My written work has been included in over 6 different magazine’s issues and my writing has been published on over 8 different magazine’s websites. Soon, 4 of my poems will also be included in an upcoming poetry anthology! Over the 2020 quarantine, I wrote over 85 poems, this was in the intent to express my bottled up emotions. By utilizing poetry as a positive coping mechanism, I was able to come out of a dark point in my life. 

Priyasha Chakravarti.

My name is Priyasha Chakravarti and I am a senior studying in the Philippines. I am originally from India. My main passions include political awareness, social justice, community service, environment, writing, and music. She is a writer for an environmental youth led organisation called Bye Bye Plastic Bags Philippines and the co-head of research and content for Project Puno. In addition, she is a writer for a youth led news publication called Zenerations. Aside from working for her organisations and stressing over IB/college apps, her hobbies include playing badminton, singing, and Model United Nations. 

Stuti Chakraborty.

My name is Stuti Chakraborty and I am currently completing my undergraduate degree obligation at Christian Medical College, Vellore, which is in the southern part of India. I also am the Co-Founder of a youth-led initiative that aims to raise awareness about the brain sciences, mental health and foster the spirit of research and education in the brain sciences among young minds. I am also a passionate advocate for youth disability. 

Parul Yadav.

My name is Parul Yadav and I am south Asian Indian GEN Z with a growing passion towards Public Relation/Communication as well as Global Development. I am currently in my last semester of undergraduate studies at Delhi University, India. I am pursuing English Literature as well as a minor in Philosophy. Apart from my studies, I am really passionate about women empowerment and entrepreneurship for young Indian women. 

Dr. Namrata Sinai Volvotkar.

Hi, I’m Dr Namrata Sinai Volvotkar Graduated from Goa medical College, Goa,India .I love medicine it is a profession in which people continue to learn and grow ,it’s an honor to be trusted with another humans wellbeing.I am fond of art, music and absolutely love to travel.


I’m Alice, I’m 23 and I’m italian. I love to sing and I consider my self very lucky because I can go to university, I have an amazing boyfriend, I have a wonderful family and great friends that always support me in every step of the way. My childhood hasn’t been easy, but the love that my family gave me is unreal, so even though I have never been able to enjoy everyday of my childhood and youth, I’m very lucky for all the beautiful memories that I have.

Riya Patel.

Hi there! My name is Riya Patel. I am an Indian-American high school student from Austin, Texas. I am currently in the International Baccalaureate program, pursuing higher education in medicine. In my free time, I enjoy doing calligraphy, organizing, and writing. Welcome to my interview!

Substance Abuse & Body Image

Drugs have been around for as long as many of us can remember. We’ve seen them in movies with the small caption that reads, “SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH.”, sometimes getting taken in the depths of a school bathroom, on a pharmacy’s shelf, and even in your cabinets at home. Drugs are everywhere, from the […]

Capitalizing on Insecurities

There’s nothing coincidental in an advertisement. It is never “just a picture.” A group of promoting specialists, including psychologists, put a parcel of time, thought, and cash into commercial advertisements. Most regularly, products are pitched to us to accept that our insecurities can be overcome by buying a certain item: We are going to end […]

Substance Abuse

*In this post we will be referring to alcohol, all plant-based narcotics (such as cannabis and coca leaf), and traditional intoxicants as “drugs” and “substances”.* Drugs are chemicals that change the way your body works or affect the way you think, feel and/or behave. Many of these come from natural products (for example, wine comes […]

Shriya Naidu.

My name is Shriya Naidu and I work at IIT Gandhinagar, conducting outreach activities that bring cognitive science to the inquisitive and curious students as well as the general public with information important for their well being. I also work with Stimulus as co-founder. Stimulus is an online non-profit led by the youth that works to engage younger students to encourage them in fields of STEM, particularly neuroscience. 

Selin Ozunaldim.

As a 17-year-old gender activist from Istanbul, my journey started two years ago when my 7-year-old brother once told me that I was lucky because I just simply could get married and I didn’t have to work after. 

That was probably the moment when I apprehended I was going to be, I had to be the voice of change. That was the moment when I realized the risk of this mindset created by the society. Such a stereotype that even could, and would, affect little child’s thought structure. I remember promising myself to take action in the morning because, if not me, then who? If not now, then when? and sending an email to UNWomen to become involved in the HeForShe movement later that night.

Cheyenne Miller.

My name is Cheyenne Miller, I’m 27 years old and I’ve battled with anxiety and panic attacks for 5 years. My first panic attack was during my senior year in college and I had no idea that I had anxiety. I honestly thought I was dying the first time it happened. I really struggled to accept that I had anxiety because I knew how debilitating it was for the other women in my life that had it. No one could have prepared me for how different my life would be, how hard it would be, and how much I would have to learn. Through the years I have found acceptance and patience for my mental health. It’s not always easy to live life in this way, but I believe God can use my testimony for good.

Path to Sobriety.

Hi there, My name is C (alias). I grew up in a small town on the East Coast of Canada. I have recently started blogging about the many struggles I have had with anxiety and alcohol abuse. Although there are many positive aspects of my life, my struggle with anxiety has definitely made me more vulnerable to addiction. In July, I finally quit drinking but my struggles with anxiety languished. I have suffered from crippling anxiety including intense panic attacks all while trying to remain sober.


I have become very passionate about sharing my story and learning about others while I learn to cope with my day-to-day anxiety.  I believe that supporting each other is a great way to recover.

Shriem Agarwal.

Hello, this i shriem agarwal a young 17 year old girl from kolkata india. Currently suddenly in class 12. I m a blogger, content creator, baker, cooking enthusiast, nutrition and dietplanning consultant, author. I am also into product,lifestyle and food styling. I love to try out new things and work hard for my dream. I love dancing, art, creating things, cooking and baking. 

Ashley Raju.

Namaskaram, I’m Ashley, a second-generation Fiji-Indian woman born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand. I love all things art and creativity is the foundation of my practice, including research! Dance and music have been strategies of resilience I’ve used throughout my entire life and they are such powerful practices of recharging for me. Currently, I use the creative arts and Ancient Indian arts in my work with storytellers and my own personal life. 

Hélène Daval.

Hi! My name’s Hélène, and I am an 18 years-old psychology student in Brussels. I spent 6 months in a mental health facility & after discovering different traumas, experiencing severe attacks and understanding better how I function, I realized social medias & society in general are really silent about everything that has to do with mental health and a lot of people are not aware of the various illnesses and have no idea how to spot one of help someone who’s suffering. The different stereotypes around mental health conditions also made me crazy so I decided to openly talk about my journey & do my best to help anyone who’s struggling. Sorry, that was a long presentation ahah, but beside this, I love animals, I love reading, meditating, writing & something I don’t like doing is cooking. 

Norma Díaz.

My name is Norma Ivonne Moreno Díaz, but I prefer Norma Díaz, I was born on May 6, 2003 in
Mexico City, and I am a person who tries to do better every day, since I was a child, life put me very
difficult tests, my Dad abandoned me when I was 4 years old, and I stayed to live with my
grandparents, from there my grandfather became my dad, he took care of me, and raised me. When I was 6 years old, on November 2, 2009 my grandfather died of a heart attack, and my mother had
cancer, 17 days after the death of my grandfather, my mother died. I stayed to live with my
grandmother, who raised me, she taught me thousands of things in life, educated me, etc. In
elementary school, I suffered bullying, and although I had a hard time going to school sometimes, I
always did my best, had good grades, tried hard and tried to take the best of negative comments,
and although I was not mature to take it from the Better way, I always had the support of my
family, teachers and friends.

Aaliya Mithaiwala.

Hey, my name is Aaliya Mithaiwala, i’m a grade 10 student currently writing my final exams for the last semester. I’m someone passionate about social service; this passion has stemmed from a personal loss a while back owing to which Aaliya’s aid was born. Apart from this my key area of interests would be political sciences, history & current affairs.

Manseerat Kaur Bachhal.

My name is Manseerat . I am an individual whose super excited about volunteering, doing internships, applying for all these different courses stuff  , basically anything except for the subjects we learn at school 😉 And i guess a major reason for this is that i thought that is something that only the white kids could do well that was until i found about student led organisations and at this point i am working for 5 different organisations all in different fields , am in the outreach team of @beyond_.the._page and @stem4girls , a graphic designer at @youthopean , a researcher in @projectclap and an ambassador of @teenhealth101  ; its amazing besides all this i ve enrolled in a course in mordern art because i really like to paint , to make miniatures , i ve even started an online website where i sell all these miniatures called Despire which is something i conjured up with Desperate and Aspire so it means despirate to fulfill my aspirations. These days i am doing my best to advocate for the rights of the farmers who are protesting in this chilly winter on the streets of Delhi and a few days back i have even started my own non profit organization  @despire.balloons which is about raising the voices of teens

Toxic Relationships & Self-Esteem

A toxic relationship is a relationship characterized by behaviors on the part of the toxic partner that are emotionally and, not infrequently, physically damaging to their partner…A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, control. We risk our very being by staying in such a relationship. The mental and physical strains that a toxic […]

Kalani Dunn.

Hi! My name is Kalani Dunn, I’m 17 years old, and I’m from the Bay Area. I started my own virtual magazine back in Spring 2020, and since then I’ve been committed to creating impactful and inclusive content for Gen-Z creatives, artists, activists, students, and more. I love reading and writing, connecting with other creatives and changemakers, and scrolling through social media (don’t we all LOL?). 

Essena O-Neill & the Reflection of Social Media

What is social media to you? Is it a place to catch up with friends and family? Or maybe a place to keep up with the latest trends and news? Social Media is used in a lot of different ways by a lot of different people. It means more to some than it does to […]

The Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem

The rise of social media has become an epidemic that does not seem to be stopping any time soon. On-line social networking sites have become increasingly popular and almost an integral part of everyday life, particularly for college students. It is estimated that the average amount of time spent on social networking sites range from […]

Social Media is Making Us Lonely

To have empathy is the ability to understand and appreciate feelings expressed by another person. Excessive use of online communication can diminish and confuse an individual’s desire or ability to be empathetic. When an individual relies solely on social media for communication, praise and recognition there can be negative effects on their emotional and psychological well-being, if they do not receive the response they hoped for. These negative effects include heightened levels of fear, anxiety, depression, addiction and ultimately feeling lonely.

Increased Anxiety Over the Course of COVID-19

by Jada The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many.  During the pandemic, people are isolating themselves, which only increases the stress and anxiety of anyone. The fear of a new disease can be overwhelming and cause people who don’t know what to expect and don’t have people near them to talk about it […]

Breakups & Mental Health

It’s okay to not be okay after a breakup. It can take months or even years for people to move on. However, it’s important to watch your mental health during the journey of loving yourself after you lose someone you love. Here is the basic psychology following a breakup.


Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person in a malicious or threatening manner. Cyberbullying typically affects individuals between the ages of 12 and 18. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used more to attack others because the attacker can hide behind the anonymity of their usernames. 

Breast Cancer

Disclaimer- We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up by credible research studies. If you relate to anything we post, we highly urge you to consult with a licensed mental health professional for a safe and accurate diagnosis. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the breast. Cancer […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD is a type of depressive disorder brought by seasonal changes in light . Changes in light cause a disruption of our circadian rhythm or “internal clock” which leads to the overproduction of melanin. Too much melanin in the body can produce depressive-like symptoms. The pineal gland is involved since the organ is responsible for the production of both serotonin and melanin. Melanin is a hormone that regulates sleep patterns and mood while serotonin is a neurotransmitter that affects mood stabilization.

Victoria Nguyen.

My name is Victoria Nguyen! Currently, I am a junior from Southern California. Some of my interests include binge watching K-dramas/Netflix shows, listening to music, and taking online quizzes. I am so grateful for this opportunity to answer these interesting questions!

Sophie Vu.

Interviewed by Jada Atchu-Yudom Do you think people get over a mental illness without medication? I don’t believe curing one’s mental illness needs to be directly attached to taking medication.  I think mental illness is different for everybody and there is no set “formula” that can be applied to every person perfectly to help them.  […]

Tea and Mental Health

We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up with credible research studies. We also do not encourage self-diagnosing and highly urge you to consult with a licensed professional if you relate to anything we post. Slight trigger warning. Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water […]

Aria Sline.

Hi there! My name is Aria Sline and I am an intersectional feminist, activist, and senior at Homewood-Flossmoor High School. I am the creator, editor, producer, website manager, and co-host of the (f)embolden Podcast as well as the co-founder & mentor of the (f)embolden Mentorship Program. I can also be seen on the T.S.O. Teens Speak Out Live Talk Show as the teen host and more recently, I became a featured writer for GenZHER. At school, I am the President of my school’s top choral ensemble, the Viking Choir and the Cultural Advocate Officer for the National Honor Society.

Alter Ego

Trigger warning: personality disorders. We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up by credible research studies. If you relate to anything we post, we highly urge you to consult with a licensed mental health professional for a safe and accurate diagnosis. An “alter ego” means to have an alternative self, which […]

Retail Therapy

Disclaimer- We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up by credible research studies. If you relate to anything we post, we highly urge you to consult with a licensed mental health professional for a safe and accurate diagnosis. Trigger Warning: depression, anxiety, temperament What is Retail therapy The term “retail therapy” […]

The Anxiety of Taking the Vaccine

As the news of a vaccine that combats COVID-19 spread, many people’s anxiety increased as well. Your feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel anxious and panic during this time. The Vaccine In early december of 2020, the centers of disease control and prevention (cdc) announced that healthcare workers will be the firsts to […]


Trigger Warning – mentions anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Disclaimer- We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up by credible research studies. if you relate to anything we post, we highly urge you to consult with a licensed mental health professional for a safe and accurate diagnosis. What Is Caffeine? Caffeine is […]

Careers in Mental Health

The United States’ community behavioral health organizations employ more than 250,000 people who care for 8 million adults and children with mental and addiction disorders. Here are the main occupations that focus on psychology and mental health. 1. Psychologist Psychologists help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems. Psychologists […]

Holiday Blues

Trigger warning: will mention anxiety and substance abuse. Disclaimer: We are not mental health professionals. All our claims are backed up by credible research studies. if you relate to anything we post, we highly urge you to consult with a licensed mental health professional for a safe and accurate diagnosis. The holidays are typically a […]

Dogs & Mental Health

It is a proven fact that pets, especially dogs, reduce stress, anxiety, depression and ease loneliness. Playing with a pet elevates levels of serotonin and helps add structure and routine. Here is everything you need to know about dogs and mental health.

Menstrual Depression

Firstly, there are three main menstrually related mood disorders:
Perimenopausal Depression
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

YouTubers We’ve Lost to Suicide

YouTube is a platform that is popular around the world with millions of people uploading their content on it. Unfortunately, some influencers had to pay the price of internet fame by their mental health shattering. These are four YouTubers who we’ve lost to suicide and the signs we had missed.

COVID-19 & its Affect on Mental Health

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a type of virus called a ‘coronavirus’. The novel (new) coronavirus was first discovered in China in November of 2019. In January of 2020, health and human services declared a public health emergency for the United States. Fear and anxiety about an unknown disease can be overwhelming and […]


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