Revive Mission Statement

Revive is a product of many young mental health advocates coming together and creating a global virtual community–a safe haven–for everyone. Founded by a group of five high-schoolers on September 5th, 2020, Revive’s sole purpose was to destigmatize the conversation around mental health. By the end of the same month, we had gained an amazing, hardworking team of gen-z advocates, hundreds of members, and had the great opportunity to share many stories from all over the world.

Because that’s what we do. We share stories to reduce the stigma and normalize the conversation around mental health.

At Revive, we believe that mental health needs to be prioritized from an early age. Most of the time, psychological conditions start developing in youth and then worsen as time goes by, mainly due to getting neglected. If youth receives proper intervention at the beginning stages, they won’t be as vulnerable to certain conditions when they get older.

Sounds great, right? However, we know that it’s not that simple. There are usually three main factors that hold youth back from seeking help.

The first factor is the mere stigma. Over time, communities have been practically brainwashed to think that having a mental illness is a curse while they excuse physical illness with greater ease. The only way to reduce the stigma is by getting more people to become open about their mental being. It’s to normalize not being ‘normal’ even though none of us are completely ‘normal’ and that word itself is subjective. Revive’s motto is literally strive to de-stigmatize because that’s our top priority as an organization and as human beings.

The second factor is pretty practical and is the fact that many youth aren’t educated in the topic of mental health. Mental health is the elephant in the room that is usually not taught to many of us from an early age. It should be. Revive uses all its platforms to spread awareness of various psychological conditions with credible research studies presented in a manner that appeals to youth–our target audience.

Lastly, it may be hard to seek help because you don’t even know how you feel. It’s hard to put into words. You’ve tried to talk to someone but nobody understands. It’s that simple. You convince yourself not to expect anyone else to understand if you can’t even understand it yourself. We understand how that feels. With that said, Revive’s last goal is to create a [sense of] community for people worldwide.

We strive to be a safe haven and a platform without any judgement, stigma, or misleading information. Mental health is a complicated subject. Unlike most physical conditions, mental conditions differ from person to person. We are not here to diagnose anyone. We are not here to use your story for views, likes, whatnot. We are not here to shower you with toxic positivity and lie that you’ll wake up one day and be ‘happy’ for the rest of your life.

We are here to revive your hope–the only antidote for mental illness.

Our vision is clear. If the stigma gets reduced within gen-z, future generations won’t have to worry so much about speaking up about their feelings.

Mental illness is a silent and invisible pandemic that has been so prevalent yet so disregarded for a countless number of years. Your mind plays a role in literally everything you do. From tying your shoe laces all the way to acing a super hard test, your mind is the most powerful and valuable asset you have.

Let’s keep it healthy.

~ Revive