High School Courses for Psychology

Written by Alicia Mathew

Picking high school courses is a daunting task, especially for the rising freshmen and sophomores. Those who choose psychology as their field of study have a sea of different classes and electives offered by their school in regards to their major, however, only some of these classes are truly useful for a path in psychology. 

To begin, AP Psychology is an excellent class for an individual with plans to pursue psychology. AP, or “Advanced Placement” Psychology is offered by the CollegeBoard. IB psychology is also an option, however, the system is different for that specific class. There are no required prerequisites for this class and it is taught on a college level. This class also has a final exam, and college credit in psychology will be awarded to those who pass this exam. The score to earn credit depends on the college that the student is applying to, however, this class is an excellent choice for those who are hoping to lessen their financial burden or open their schedules up for more advanced classes. Since this class is equivalent to an introductory psychology class in most colleges, it frees up a class so the student can learn more specialized and advanced material. This class connects psychology to real-world scenarios, teaches students to understand and interpret data, is an excellent introductory class for students who are unsure about Psychology, and offers research studies for students to grow their knowledge in this area. Overall, this class is a wonderful choice for all learners with an interest in Psychology. 

Continuing along, Statistics is also an excellent class for those who want to pursue a career in Psychology. Although it may seem counterintuitive, Statistics is a crucial element for research, which is an extremely important concept in Psychology. In Psychology, research is key, and statistics will help one understand how to properly conduct and interpret research. This class, as well as Algebra, will also help with the understanding of variables, graphs, probability, etcetera. CollegeBoard offers an AP Statistics course, which also involves a final test that offers college credit at certain colleges depending on scores. 

Social sciences are also crucial for those who have an interest in Psychology. These classes include government, economics, history, geography, and sociology, among others. These courses help with general knowledge, as well as certain aspects in Psychology such as social psychology and behavioral psychology. Also, some of these classes are offered as AP and IB courses. Biology is also extremely important with regards to Psychology. This is mainly because biology allows psychologists to better understand the relationship between psychology and the physiology behind certain psychological concepts. Biology is offered as both an AP course and an IB course, but the availability of those courses depends on the specific high school. 

Biology, social sciences, AP psychology, and statistics are all crucial classes for individuals who are planning on pursuing a future in psychology. For those who are interested in psychology and deciding their high school classes, these classes are extremely helpful and provide a strong foundation for a more enlightening future. 

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