100 MUST WATCH Movies About Psychology

Written by Alice Palioura

Truth be told, not all movies are realistic when depicting mental health issues. That is because the actors probably don’t suffer from a mental health disorder or just don’t know much about psychology. Nonetheless, anyone who wants to get more educated and indulged in psychology should start by watching some movies that will allow him to be sensitized and get a first glimpse of the laws of psychology and how each mental health issue may look like. Below are 100 movies and their themes:

  1. Silver Linings Playbook- Bipolar disorder
  2. A beautiful mind- Schizophrenia
  3. What about Bob- Anxiety
  4. The skeleton twins- Depression
  5. 12 angry men- Social psychology
  6. 28 days- Substance abuse disorders
  7. Enough- Domestic violence
  8. Notebook- Alzheimer’s disease
  9. Rain man- Autism
  10. As good as it gets- Obsessive compulsive disorder
  11.  Jacob’s ladder- Post traumatic stress disorder
  12. Split- Dissociative identity disorder
  13. Still Alice- Alzheimer’s disease
  14. Black swan- Psychosis
  15. Regarding Henry- Retrograde amnesia
  16. Reign over me- Post traumatic stress disorder
  17. Requiem for a dream- Addiction
  18.  Canvas- Schizophrenia
  19. Gone with the wind- Narcissistic personality disorder
  20. Annie Hall- Generalized anxiety disorder
  21. Mozart and the whale- Asperger’s syndrome
  22. To the bone- Anorexia
  23. Danish girl- Gender dysphoria
  24. The perks of being a wallflower-Depression
  25. It’s kind of a funny story- Depression
  26. Melancholia-Depression
  27. The platform-Social psychology
  28. The vow-Dementia
  29. Amadeus-Delusional disorder
  30. What’s eating Gilbert Grape-Intellectual disability
  31. Forrest Gump-Intellectual disability
  32. The lighthouse of the Whales-Autism
  33. Love and other drugs-Parkinson’s disease
  34. Ragin Bull-Intermittent explosive disorder
  35. The departed-Antisocial personality disorder
  36. Unforgiven-Antisocial personality disorder
  37. The butterfly effect-PTSD, Schizophrenia
  38. Hide and seek-Dissociative identity disorder
  39. Kramer vs Kramer- Psychology of divorce
  40. Secret obsession-Amnesia, PTSD
  41. The dream team- Psychiatric hospital
  42. Gone baby gone-Addiction, neglect
  43. The soloist- Schizophrenia
  44. Driving miss Daisy-Alzheimer
  45. Iron Lady-Alzheimer
  46. The help-Racism
  47. We need to talk about Kevin-Antisocial personality disorder
  48. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind-Generalized anxiety disorder
  49. Identity-Psychosis
  50. On golden pond-Dementia
  51. Memento-Amnesia
  52. The blind side-Family dynamics
  53. The hurricane-Discrimination
  54. Good Will Hunting-PTSD, Borderline personality disorder
  55. Ordinary people- Depression, Anxiety
  56. Save the last dance-Peer violence
  57. Girl, interrupted-Borderline personality disorder
  58. A clockwork orange-Antisocial personality disorder
  59. Take shelter-Schizophrenia
  60. The deer hunter-PTSD
  61. A woman under the influence-Psychosis
  62. Room-Captivity, PTSD
  63. I am not your negro-Racism
  64. Side effects-Antisocial personality disorder
  65. The headless woman-PTSD
  66. Prozac nation-Autobiographical, Depression
  67. Psycho-Schizophrenia
  68. The fire within-Alcoholism
  69. Mulholland Dr.-Narcissistic personality disorder
  70. Se7en-Antisocial and borderline personality disorder
  71. Clinical- PTSD, psychiatric patients
  72. Wounds-PTSD
  73. Fractured-Amnesia, grief
  74. The girl on the train-Depression, Alcoholism
  75. Escape room-Social psychology
  76. Freud-History of psychology
  77. The devil and Daniel Johnston-Bipolar disorder
  78. Shame-Borderline personality disorder
  79. Fight club-Dissociative personality disorder
  80. Pink Floyd: The wall-Social psychology
  81. The morning after-Drug abuse
  82. Lake city-Family dynamics
  83. My name is Bill W.- Alcoholism
  84. When love is not enough- Alcoholism
  85. Harold and Maude- Suicide
  86. Leaving Las Vegas- Suicide, Alcoholism
  87. The madness of King George- Bipolar disorder
  88. Benny and Joon- Schizophrenia
  89. Patch Adams- Depression
  90. The basketball diaries- Drug abuse
  91. It’s a wonderful life- Suicide
  92. After life- Down syndrome
  93. Spider- Schizophrenia
  94. Wonder- Bullying
  95. A girl like her- Bullying
  96. American psycho- Narcissistic personality disorder
  97. Shutter island- Delusional disorder

   For the closure, I left my personal top three movies. Number three is no other than: One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (1975). It’s about a psychiatric hospital still using abuse and medication as a form of compliance. A man from the prison is being transferred there in hopes that it will be better than prison. My second best is I am Sam (2001), a touching movie about an intellectually disabled man who raises his daughter by himself, the struggles he faces as his daughter grows up and the discrimination by society. Finally, there is: The silence of the lambs (1991), referring to a top student from the FBI training who interviews a psychiatrist who is also a cannibalistic serial killer, hoping he knows information about another case. It’s undeniably a psychological thriller that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats the whole duration.

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