The Truth Behind Racism

What is racism?

By the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “racism” is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, in other words, its prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race. But why has it been such a struggle for us over the past decades? Why does racism even exist?

Racism can be seen as a global situation, and it’s more than just what color someone’s skin is, it’s what they have and how differently they respond or act from what you think it should be. Most believe that racism springs off from the factor of someone being fearful of the unknown and prideful; everybody thinks their way is the best and the unknowns might force their lifestyle to something that you’ve believed your whole life and most people wouldn’t come to admit that they’ve done something wrong. People naturally have the tendency to think that they have to be right, so the other must be wrong and racism against who, what and why which turns into criticism towards all those different features that you would inherit. 

How has it Impacted us over the years?

Racism has always been present, but at a point in time, it has shown it’s full potential, and it has led us through many tough times, from segregation to Jim Crow laws. It has taught us many values, fairness, the importance of being humble and not being afraid to discover and unravel the new and the different, while still keeping in mind that everyone is usually good at heart and that hatred is taught. 

Over the course of time, racism has largely decreased. We’ve put a heap of effort to conquer the main challenge it has given us so far. Through many bills and laws, through time and adaptation, we’ve become one, but still it’s still there. It’s not as widely practiced and we’ve been accepting one another as they are but it’s still visible and there in society and unfortunately it may never be completely gone, well why is that?

The Psychology Behind It

There are a lot of factors that go hand in hand when it comes to racism, but by all means, we’re born with it hardwired in our brain, a little flaw that we all have, from it being very subtle to it being very strong willed so in other words; it’s human nature. It can be because we’re afraid of the different and the new, or because we just like the feeling of being superior and looking down on others. Maybe at first, people were misguided about how it should be with slaves and all, but it was used as an advantage and was widely practiced in this nation because it was so useful towards the oppressor. Our minds naturally also describe someone by using stereotypes, we see a person and categorize them to the group they seem most similar with because of a specific trait. Categorizing can be an essential but can also backfire into stereotyping because of the negatives people point out about others, but without categorizing we’d be a mess, lost, and don’t know who’s with who, what’s with what, but because of this, we’re able to process information more quickly and efficiently. The fear factor and superiority also go hand in hand. If someone’s afraid of another, they wouldn’t want to show weakness, you see someone too different, and you’d just make the first “brave” move and take control, demand, and advantage of someone based on their physical traits.

Even though none of us are born with hatred and it is taught either by bad parenting, environmental factors, whatnot, we all have a little part in us that is selfish. This part is enlarged in many people while it’s maintained to be little in others. The only way this part can grow is by having bad morals, being judgy, and/or being plain ignorant. The more people travel and get exposed to different cultures, the more people open their mind up to love instead of hate, the more people realize that at the end of the day we are all flesh and blood, that is when our world will change for the better. Racism has never brought in good results and has only really led to the downfalls of nations. Life’s too short to hate on other people based on their skin color or features. Don’t let the small, tiny part in you enlarge because then you’d only become a menace to society.

Being a racist is embarrassing. Let’s normalize being loving instead of hating, because that hatred frankly isn’t gonna get nobody nowhere except in bad situations. 

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