The Stages of a Romantic Relationship

A romantic relationship consists of all genders and all devotions of love. The closest relationship you ever develop with another human being will be a romantic one, perhaps resulting in long-term dating or even marriage. While many of us assume that obtaining a long-term relationship is just by dating and then falling in love, there are many stages you have to beat to reach the point in which your relationship is completely healthy. We don’t like to point out the bad times, but it’s important to realize that not everything is going to be perfect. There will be lows; instances where you question the bond, feel as if you lost that flame, etc. We often mistake those instances for being “toxic” when in reality they’re completely normal. A healthy relationship does go through an unhealthy period. Your bond with your significant other will be tested many times and if you do make it to the surface after getting plunged in deep water, you will be able to fall in actual love, not just misread infatuation. With all this said, here are the five basic stages of a romantic relationship.

1st Stage: Attraction 

This can be in the form of lust, but most commonly it’s in the form of friendship. It’s usually when you meet someone for the first time, somehow start talking, feel a connection, and develop a friendship. This friendship then turns into a crush and this is usually the frustrating stage because you often aren’t sure if the other person feels the same way or not. This stage is all about connection and feeling chemistry between both of you. 

2nd Stage: Dating

This is when you take that leap of faith and start seeing the person, crossing that friendly line with them. This is usually when you get closer, start getting intimate, and initiate romance. This is usually where infatuation and the “honeymoon period” starts. Everything feels perfect and you start loving the IDEA of the other person. 

3rd Stage: Disappointment 

This stage is when the most breakups happen. You start feeling stuck and feel as if you’re losing feelings, when in reality you’re learning to balance them so infatuation can transition into love. It’s the most confusing stage because that excitement of being in a relationship slowly fades away. You may even start getting bored. You start realizing just how different both of you are and that satisfaction reduces. This is all normal and healthy. Feeling stuck, arguing, and even being bored is healthy in a relationship, believe it or not. If you are a strong couple, you’d work through the differences and learn to accept the other’s imperfections, but if you’re not, this could lead to a dead end. Remember that a rainbow always comes after it rains. 

4th Stage: Stability

If the couple can work through the deep water and reach the surface, they will get to experience the satisfaction of this stage. This is the maturing stage. You now have history together. The fantasy of stage one is completely gone but you feel even more connected to your significant other. They become one of your best friends and the relationship starts feeling easy, free-flowing, and natural. Everything is comfortable with the other; you can trust them to stick by your side because you made it through stage 3 together. However, this is also the stage where most cheating occurs because you start longing for the euphoria and high of stage 1 again. The high of chasing someone and being with them all the time. You still may feel a little confused and may question your commitment, but little do you know that you’re just a little away from loving your partner. The infatuation and obsession has almost completely faded away and you’re this close to obtaining love.

5th Stage: Commitment 

You finally start accepting the relationship, flaws and all. You stop missing stage one because now you can’t imagine loving someone else, somebody other than your partner. You start imagining a future together and feel confident that the future plans can come true because you are a strong couple. External factors, such as distance, family, etc, have a hard time tearing you apart. You have respect for yourself and your partner and more than anything else, they’re your best friend and loving them feels easy, almost natural. 

Obviously, these stages can differ between relationships and they’re all about time. If two people are great for each other but meet at the wrong time in their lives, it won’t ever work out. If two people are unable to put their differences aside and find common ground in their relationship, it won’t ever work out. Just like a video game, relationships have levels, or in this case stages. If you can’t make it to the next stage, you’ll reach a dead end. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a “permanent breakup”. If it’s meant to be, you’ll always find a way back to each other — and that’s scientifically proven by the law of attraction (manifestation). If it’s not meant to be, it won’t be. It’s simple. Relax and let fate play it out. 

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