Karina Kejriwal.

Hi, I am Karina Kejriwal, a sophomore located in Seattle, Washington. I like to think of myself as an outgoing, friendly, and loving personality. A large portion of my life is devoted towards karate – I got the privilege of receiving my black belt a couple years ago! Additionally, I take large importance in standing up for what I believe in, pursuing studies, and spending time with loved ones! Lastly, a big part of my life is Cura Project, a non-profit organization I co-founded with my closest friends. We strive to bring awareness to different health issues via fundraising events, a tutoring program, podcast, and educating! Check us out, we have an opportunity for everyone –!

Can you tell us about your most stressful experience and how you overcame it?

The most stressful experience I went through was at the beginning of quarantine due to the uncertainty present in the world. In March/April of 2020, I was extremely anxious and longed to be near friends again. Over time, I learned to adjust to a new schedule that balanced a workload of schoolwork, extracurriculars, and then social time. Now, I have adjusted and feel comfort in this schedule and have got used to this new life. 

How does one’s environment affect their mental well-being?

I am a strong believer in the fact that every individual is a combination of the five people they spend the most time with. This includes personality, habits,  passions, and attitude. One’s environment strongly affects their mental well-being because they are, essentially, a support system. Without a strong and positive environment, it can be very difficult to have a stable mental health. 

What do you feel matters the most to you?

I consider three main things that matter the most to me: healthy well-being, happiness, and success (relative to my own definition). Firstly, healthy well-being includes self care, a positive attitude and mental health. I think it’s very important to always put health first, because without good health, everything goes downhill from there. Next, happiness includes a work/life balance and being surrounded by the people I care most about. If I can have a smile on my face, I believe I can accomplish anything. And lastly, the one most important to me, success. This includes pursuing a goal that you’re passionate about and following your dreams. In my eyes, working towards my dreams and goals is success, not wealth necessarily. 

What is a dream that you have yet to accomplish?

A dream I have yet to accomplish is having a happy and healthy family. Of course, that is long and far out, but since I was young, I have been really excited to have a family and kids! But. before this, comes working at a senior position and travelling to many countries. As someone very passionate in business, I look forward to hopefully working for a large company or owning a start-up. But, along with that, I want to travel all over the world – Europe and Australia, especially! 

What would you want the Revive audiences to know about you?

I would like the Revive audiences to know that I love meeting new people! This includes new friends and getting to know others beyond my local area. I would love to talk to anyone virtually, especially if you’re looking for a friend. I love talking about anything Taylor Swift, STEM, latest trends, room decor, and more!

Check out Karina & Cura Project!

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