Risha Chaurasia.

I am a teen author and blogger from Indore, India. I am 13, and currently have two titles to my name, TRUCE and Tales of Twinkling Tweens. I have a crazy love and passion for literature and the English language and am also a literary enthusiast. My hobbies include reading, writing, swimming and hanging out with my friends. 

I see that you wrote Tales of Twinkling Tweens when you were only twelve years old. Could you tell us a little about the book and what you hope the audience gets from reading it?

Tales of Twinkling Tweens is basically a compilation of poems,  and prose that present a transparent look into a tween’s life. The book touches various aspects of a tween’s life. It takes the readers through school experiences—teachers, relationships with friends, experiencing bullying, examination pressure, annoying habits of tween boys and girls, their complex emotions and embracing many changes they undergo. Tweenage is the most crucial stage between childhood and adulthood. It is turbulent as well as a fun time of the life, which charters into unknown terrains of friendship, fun and pranks.

I hope that my young readers relate to the content and the adults reminicise their childhood days. I just want the readers to go back to their childhood. 

I noticed that you’re the founder of Straight From My Pen. Could you tell us a little about the initiative and what your ultimate goal for it is?

Straight From My Pen is a blog on Instagram that aims to encourage the love of reading and writing into the youth. It brings forth the underrepresented issue that are not getting the coverage they deserve in the media in the form of infodemics. 

My ultimate goal is to inspire thousands and millions of youngsters with my posts, and content and to encourage reading and writing. 

What more do you aspire to do in the near future? 

I aspire to spread the love of literature to every corner of the world. I want to see every kid with a book in hand, moving towards an educated society. My dream is to win the Pulitzer Prize and represent my country on an international level in the field of literature. 

I also want to inspire aspiring authors to pick up the pen and pour their heart out on paper. 

How has the pandemic affected you mentally? What things did you learn about yourself during the course of this pandemic that you didn’t know before?

This pandemic to be honest at times was mentally challenging. I got sick of looking at the four walls of my house and desperately wanted to move out. However, I made it my goal to complete my novel TRUCE amidst the lockdown. 

I learnt about the writer in me and discovered writing talents I wasn’t aware about before. 

What self-care practices do you recommend? Furthermore, why is it important to scope out time for yourself each day?

I recommend journaling. At times we feel emotions we cant speak or describe and it just eats us inside, in such situations writing is the best! I also recommend writing affirmations for oneself. 

Its extremely essential to take out time for self care cause in the end YOU are the first priority! Take out time just for yourself!

Why do you think prioritizing mental health is so important, especially for youth?

Mental health is extremely important for the youth. Teenage is an age when we experience emotions, never felt before, and at times we may feel low. For maintaining good physical health and to stay happy, mental health is the best way to go. 

These days social media is a platform that adversely affects mental health. And to prevent comments from getting into our head we must be mentally strong!

Do you feel as if your upcoming novel, TRUCE, has to live up to the standards of your first book, Tales of Twinkling Tweens? If so, how do you deal with the pressure and what advice would you give to someone going through something similar?

TRUCE is actually a big step forward from Tales of Twinkling Tweens. It’s actually my first time writing a fiction novel with TRUCE, and its way better. I’ve grown as a writer through writing TRUCE. 

I believe that every piece I write is a step up from the previous one. My advice would be to focus on developing that skill and growing, rather than worrying about the expectations. 

My one character in the novel TRUCE actually goes through the need to please people. And i have dealt with the topic of expectations in my book and how to love yourself despite them. 

Who have been your biggest role-models or resources in times of unsureness, grief, and healing? 

My family. After the launch of Tales of Twinkling Tweens, I was a bit skeptical about the response it would get. I couldn’t get myself to believe that I could write a successful novel. In that time, my family supported me and helped me to regain the faith in my writing. 

My family together have gone through some tough times, and we always come out stronger. 

What does mental health mean to YOU?

Mental Health to me is self worth and self love. You’re happy when you love yourself. You are mentally strong when you believe in yourself. 

Is there anything else you would like Revive’s audience to know about you?

I’d like the audience to know that my dms are always open and I’m always looking forward to connect with people from across the world. 

Check out Risha, Straight From My Pen, & Tales of Twinking Tweens!

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