Sharing Real Bullying Stories

Bullying is a global issue that has been prevalent in society for a countless number of years. Bullying is a multifaceted subject. There are many types of bullying and the consequences that result from them. The dictionary definition of bullying is to intimidate or coerce someone perceived as vulnerable. Additionally, bullying is not inescapable. There are many ways to prevent abuse, stop the hate, and help those who are affected. 

It’s important to know that bullying usually starts at home. Oftentimes, children learn to be aggressive by watching family members. Factors such as positive/negative reinforcements, parental rejection, and parental supervision can train bullying behavior. School is obviously another major source of bullying for many people who do not “fit in”, or are the outcasts. 

In this “mini” event, we asked our audience to send in their real bullying stories anonymously. After we got submissions, we chose only five out of the many, because of our time limit, and created a video featuring the stories in order to raise awareness.

The video can be found on our Instagram’s IGTV @reviveorg.

We thank Let’s Defeat Bullying and Evolvre Mental Health for making this collaboration possible.

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