New Year Resolutions.

2020 was an…interesting year, we’ll say that! It was full of self discovery, evaluation, fright, and possibly heightened anxiety. However, it was an important year. It gave many people a new look on life itself and made people realize how important being a community is and how selfishness would get a nation nowhere. With all this said, new year resolutions are getting even more attention this year because everyone wants 2021 to be way better. A “new year resolution” is a term that means making decisions to become better at something or different in the upcoming year ahead. It’s great and all but did you know that less than 8% of people actually stick to their new year resolutions? Furthermore, resolutions are oftentimes motivated by physical change, however it’s important to know that mental health is important as well. Here are a few new year resolutions we recommend and we hope you are motivated to stick by them throughout the year. 

I will spend more time with loved ones. 

Being physically present with loved ones creates a strong emotional support to buoy you up through life’s challenges. Helps children perform well academically. On average, kids who spend more time with their parents tend to do better in school. They learn communication skills and the importance of education.

I will do more of what I love.

If you are doing what you love, it most often won’t even feel like ‘work’. You will be more focused and capable of living in the present moment, because your mind won’t be wandering off dreaming of something ‘better’. Your smile and conversation will be more genuine and in-turn you will attract other happy people.

I will make the most of my days.

Because, YOLO.

I will start counting the things I love about myself, not hate.

When we love ourselves we’re more likely to be happy and enjoy life, because we feel happy in ourselves. You’re not always striving to do more or think you can do better. This is really a form of internal criticism, as you’re saying what you are now or what you’re doing isn’t good enough in some way.

I will accept my shortcomings and grow from them.

If you can embrace your flaws you can start being more true to yourself by accepting that you are not perfect. It allows you to measure things with the right perspective. In a more general sense, you are framing your reality more soundly and not based on a false notion of self.

I will not overwork myself.

Working long hours tends to reduce your level of fitness, play havoc with your diet and put stress on your mind and body. The result? Poor circulation, increased weight, heart problems, higher cholesterol levels, lack of energy, poor sleep, bad concentration, nervous conditions, depression, and so on.

I will learn to let go.

Holding on to the past can hold us back in so many ways, from self-destructing behaviors to anxiety, fear or anger. On the other hand, letting go means letting in happiness, and is the key to your healing, growth and development throughout life.

I will prioritize my mental health. 

Because that’s the least you could do to prove to yourself that you love yourself. 

Happy holidays from Revive. Hope you all have a great 2021! 

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