Lahin Maknojia.

  • Do you think people get over a mental illness without medication?
  • Do you think people stabilize a mental illness simply with medication alone?
  • Why might someone with mental illness need to have a routine?
  •  Some people choose to just take meds and no therapy,  do you think it is safe?
  • How can you tell if someone has a mental health problem?
  • At its core, stigma is caused by?
  • What does that stigma look like?
  • What are some things that we can do to stop that stigma?
  • Why do people hurt themselves?
  • Why do you think mental health is stigmatized?  

Hey, thanks for reaching out!!

So I think yes people do get over a mental illness without medication. Secondly, I think that the only medication which works out is consultation or therapy with someone. Moreover, having a routine would help a person ignore the ill determination thoughts and gain more focus on the work he is doing which will help reduce his stress, anxiety, and depression. To add, I have a major belief in the training of the mind so for example you tell your mind that medication is the only process then probably it would work that way but I don’t think so it would be 100% because when you are going through mental illness what you really want is someone who listens to you and doesn’t make you feel less worthy so I would prefer that consult a professional and if not possible then someone who is closest to you and understands you!!! Now let’s talk about stigma the word which we all hate so where does this come from? It comes from the ones who have been told or they have made their mind that mental illness is a topic of shame and talking about it does not make any sense. Well I would just say whoever goes through it knows well and its high time we realize that giving importance to such topics would bring optimism within our community which will also lead to a decreased number of self-harm (suicide etc) because what people think is they are less or not worthy but whoever is reading this let me tell you that all your past and present every single thing matters and because of that you are a stronger version of yourself today and you are amazing❤️🤍 Take a break, sit down, relax and spend some time thinking who you are and what made you today is not a topic of shame but a topic of proud and needs to be addressed🤗.

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