“it’s caused by the lack of awareness and the humane values to accepting another individual with a mental illness”

Interviewed by Jada Atchu-Yudom.

Do you think people get over mental illness without medication?

“yes i do, in fact, i believe that there are many other alternatives when it comes to healing a mental health issue, such as, mindfulness practices.”

Do you think people stabilize a mental illness simply with medication alone?

“no. because medication being the only form of treatment an individual is carrying out,(others include, therapy, mindfulness, exercise) will not be as effective to stabilizing an individual’s illness”

Why might someone with mental illness need to have a routine?

“a routine enables someone to develop a sense of tranquility, as they have their days planned out for them. even if it’s just a simple morning & night time routine, it makes a lot of difference, as they have that anchor that will enable them to set out on their day fully & end the day peacefully.”

Some people choose to just take meds and no therapy, do you think it is safe?

“no, because, they might not know which ones to take specifically & they might overdose on it & cause serious damages to their bodies which might be fatal.”

How can you tell if someone has a mental health problem?

“for me personally, being an empath, i pick up these things really quickly, just from their energy. normally, their eyes look really sad and they hold a sunken expression. their shoulders are slumped too. Sometimes, they might have scars & cuts on their arms.”

At its core, stigma is caused by?

“it’s caused by the lack of awareness and the humane values to accepting another individual with a mental illness”

What does that stigma look like?

“it’s kind of like when someone’s really upset & starts crying over it, the other will say, ‘Stop crying,’ or ‘get over it already’.”

What are some things that we can do to stop that stigma?

● raising awareness to what stigma actually is

● providing facts

● helping people develop a sense of compassion towards others

● developing a positive mindset

● lending a helping hand to someone else”

Why do people choose to hurt themselves?

“This arises due to a paradigm that unfolds into many other beliefs. the paradigm of ‘i
am not enough,’ leads to;
● i am unlovable
● i am unworthy
● i am stupid
● this leads to problems at home, with family and with friends, ultimately, the person
hurts themselves”

Why do you think mental health is stigmatized?

“● i believe that this view came from people thinking differently about people who were
suffering from a mental health illness. they never thought it normal for someone to
behave in a certain way, hence perceived in a less humane way, such as,
discrimination & fear towards the other individual
● self blaming is also another aspect that contributes to this
● this stigma has been used as a way to keep people in the loop of what goes on”

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