Pranathi Sagi.

Interviewed via form.

1. Please introduce yourself.

“Hi, my name is Pranathi! I’m currently a sophomore and some hobbies of mine include badminton and tennis.”

2. How do you deal with your own mental health?

“I deal with social anxiety and some days are harder than others because some people don’t understand my perspective with social anxiety and often look past it. I make sure to meditate and take care of myself daily because I deeply value self worth. I joined Revive to not only take care of my mental health but also to encourage others that they can always talk or dm me.”

3. Do you believe that the stigma has decreased a notable extent in your community?

“In my community, I believe the stigma around mental health has reduced in our generation as more people understand the importance of mental health and getting the help they need to get better. Although, I still believe that the stigma around it needs to change especially in older generations because they don’t necessarily understand the stigma around mental health especially from our perspectives.”

Check out Pranathi!

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