Kriti Mukherjee.

Interviewed via form.

1. Please introduce yourself.

“I’m Kriti, 15 year old from India. I’m an advocate for mental health. I love to sing and watch movies haha. I faced some struggles previously and I had to bear them all on my own. That was tough. So I started spreading awareness,joined a lot of organisations and now I’m an advocate for mental health :)”

2. What does mental health mean to you?

“Mental health to me, is something that should be given the top priority. It is something that controls our emotions and actions. It’s so strong yet so fragile. It needs to be in good health. Oir everyday activities, our happiness and a lot of other things depends on our state of mental health.”

3. How do you deal with your own mental health?

“I get frequent breakdowns at times. I usually talk to someone I absolutely trust or I go out for a walk and give myself a treat. I listen to music that’s calm and refreshes me. I also, write about anything I want at that moment. In general days, music is my sanity :)”

4. Any particular psychological condition/disorder that means a lot to you?

“Anxiety disorder and Aneroxia. Anxiety ruin things. Things that mean to you a lot, anxiety can ruin that in a minute. It’s terrific how anxiety can kill a person’s spirit if it’s left untreated. As for aneroxia, you’ll suffer a lot. Your body will be no more than a skeleton.”

Check out Kriti!

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