Apama Ameri.

Interviewed via form.

1. Please introduce yourself.

“i am fifteen years old and a sophmore in highschool , i love to sing and play instruments, & i also really love self care and meditation .”

2. What does mental health mean to you? 

“mental health is very important to me and it affects me daily. i’m a part of the mental health committee at my school, & we try to advocate for the students mental well being and health . i just hope to educate others on mental health so that the stigma behind it gradually ends.”

3. How do you deal with your own mental health?

“sometimes it can be very difficult to deal with, i suffer with anxiety, so it’s hard to distance myself from situations when they’re happening in my own head. however i try my best to distract myself, talk to friends, or listen to music”

4. Any particular psychological condition that means a lot to you?

“anxiety means a lot to me because it’s something many people in my family have dealt with, including myself. i have watched people i know deal with it, and there’s such a big stigma behind it. the immediate response when someone tells someone that they have anxiety is that they’re probably faking it or exaggerating. this is actually something that happens with a lot of disorders and illnesses, but with anxiety it’s difficult to truly see to the naked eye.”

5. do you believe that the stigma has reduced a notable extent in your community?

“i think the stigma behind mental health has been prevelant for a while, and unfortunately i’ve seen minimal changes, especially in older generations. i think that younger people understand more about mental health and how to deal with it, because a lot of us experience some sort of mental issues in our lives. i hope that this stigma changes and that we can educate people about mental health so that we can work on how to support people and also ourselves when we are struggling.”

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