Free Virtual Tutoring & SAT Prep

Needless to say, our very first event is very special to us. We came up with the idea of it before we actually started Revive, since it ties into mental health considering the fact that school and academics are one of the top threats to one’s mental well-being. Initially, we wanted to offer free tutoring ourselves, not from a third party, but since we had enlarged our overall mission (read more about this by clicking here), we decided to collaborate with two other amazing organizations to offer completely free and virtual tutoring. 

Tutor Olive was one of the organizations. They are a registered LLC and focus on providing K-12 students with quality tutoring at no cost. They believe that peer tutoring is less stressful and overall more beneficial than the traditional tutoring environment with an adult and a student. Similarly, SAT Prep Tutoring has the same mission and beliefs, obviously focusing on SAT preparation instead. 

All three of our organizations had discussed a collaboration for weeks before we finalized it. Looking back, it seems like weeks of discussion weren’t all that necessary for such a mere event. Still. This event was Revive’s very first and we are so blessed to have gotten so much support while we were starting out that we got to do something like this. 

This event is ongoing. You can sign up for K-12 tutoring (homework help is included) and/or SAT prep by contacting Tutor Olive or SAT Prep Tutoring directly or by filling out the following form so we can direct them to you. 

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