With that said, Revive is a youth-led organization with one goal in mind: to reduce the stigma around mental health. We go about this mission by sharing studies, stories, and service! Read our story and entire mission statement by clicking the button below.


Fatimata Cham.

Hello! My name is Fatimata Cham. I’m currently a sophomore at Lafayette College, double majoring in women and gender studies and government and law. I’m an activist, poet and organizer, and a lot of the work I do revolves around environmental injustice, gender equity and educational equality. So I partner with organizations such as Girl Up that does work to advocate for girls around the globe for quality education. I also work with not my generation as a regional coordinator for the Northeast region to help build coalitions to fight against gun violence. And I also use my approach to spread awareness about different issues going on around the globe.

Juliana Dawdy.

Hi! My name is Juliana Dawdy, and I’m the founder of Brains in Beauty. I’m a graduating senior and will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall to major in chemistry and business. I’m an outside hitter on my school’s volleyball team, a recent STEM enthusiast, and a Tollhouse Cookie fanatic!

Sneha Pasupula.

Hi! My name is Sneha Pasupula, and I’m a first-year at UNC-Chapel Hill studying political science and journalism. I am the Oversight and Advocacy Chair for the UNC’s Undergraduate Senate, an Internal Policy Coordinator for UNC’s Institute of Politics, and a dancer for Kamikazi Dance Team. I advocate for racial and economic equity and plan on working in Washington, DC as a policy analyst. Furthermore, I am a TikToker (@heyitssneha) who loves to use her platform to express whatever is on her mind, from light-hearted comedy to personal struggles. Despite all this, I’ve struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder since middle school. 


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Anti-Bullying Conference

Going on from our November bullying theme, Revive’s former event squad decided to host a virtual 2-day conference. It was our very first conference and we decided to go all out. We contacted many aspiring artists to perform live on Zoom and many small businesses to collaborate with so all the attendees could get exclusive […]

Sharing Real Bullying Stories

Bullying is a global issue that has been prevalent in society for a countless number of years. Bullying is a multifaceted subject. There are many types of bullying and the consequences that result from them. The dictionary definition of bullying is to intimidate or coerce someone perceived as vulnerable. Additionally, bullying is not inescapable. There […]

Kindness Card Event

Creating kindness cards of encouragement was one of the reasons Revive actually came to be. Before it was founded, we had volunteered with small NPOs that focused on sending cards of encouragement (either digitally or physically) to anyone going through struggles in the world. If you think about it, the world is so big yet […]


At Revive we believe that your mind is powerful and what your mind comes up with is even more powerful. Creativity is the best form of advocacy which is why our 100+ members take part in different kinds of creative projects to get featured on our media platforms and advocate for reducing the stigma around mental health at the same time. These projects include, but are not limited to, creating different kinds of YouTube videos, interviewing people, writing blogs, producing TikToks, and hosting a podcast episode. We would love for you to become a member and see the depths of your mind!